SwiftKey Promo on Google Play – 50% off

I’m writing this post on my Samsung Galaxy S II on Ice Cream Sandwich with SwiftKey 3. That’s quite a mouthful but it is what it is.  🙂

There’s a promo going on in Goggle Play where SwiftKey 3 is available for only SGD2.45. I bought it simply because I’m already tired with the stock keyboard that comes with Samsung Galaxy S2. I type a lot faster now and the important keys are all within easy reach.  That’s a far cry from the several taps you’ll need in the stock keyboard just to get to a specific key.  For example,  the comma needs at least three taps(open special keys, tap on comma, tap on alpha keyboard) to get with the stock keyboard while it is readily available with SwiftKey.  This special keyboard also allows long press to get numbers and symbols without tapping on the switch key. 

I can go on and on but the thing is,  SwiftKey is miles and miles better than the Samsung keyboard.  HTC has a better keyboard than Samsung but they are both owned bu SwiftKey. 


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