Samsung NX200 Focusing Problem

I reckon there are only few people owning Samsung NX200 since I can’t find other owners/users complaining about this camera. It’s either that or I’m the only one having focusing issue on the kit lens(18-55mm).

What’s The Problem?
When taking photos in daylight,  the lens keep on focusing on the background instead of the subject on the foreground. On the AMOLED screen and while on half-press,  the focus is on the subject. However when you press the shutter fully,  the lens will refocus to the background and ruin your shot.

I’ve tried  a number of settings to no avail. One of the failed tricks is to increase the focus area. This is very evident when the aperture is small(f8 or smaller)  which is what I normally use when shooting landscape.

Unfortunately,  I can’t post photos because usually the subject is either me or my wife or immediate family. And I don’t want our photos to roam the net in case this post get popular. But I’ll try to post when I can.

This is especially annoying when you only have one chance to take the shot. Sometimes, the subject gets tired if the ‘test shots’. Sometimes,  the time is up when the queue line is long. It could be anything,  sometimes one in a lifetime (like when my family went yo Simala) that you don’t know if you’ll have another chance yo visit again.

I’m using version 1.04 of the NX200 firmware so I thought the earlier bugs must have been fixed already.  But still,  I encounter this in regular basis. 


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