iPhone 4 on iOS6 WiFi Problem [SOLVED]

I upgraded my wife’s iPhone4 to iOS6 and was terribly disappointed to find out that the WiFi is not working. I actually waited two days before I upgraded the phone to iOS6 because I heard about several issues. Apple made an announcement that it was actually a problem on their side when a page which safari tries to connect went down. It was rectified and supposedly,  everything is fine.

It is after that announcement when I decided to upgrade the iPhone4 to iOS6. Immediately after rebooting, WiFi failed to connect. Take note,  all of our other devices can connect flawlessly to the router including our BRAND SPANKING NEW iPhone5.

I fired up my Samsung Galaxy S2’s portable hotspot. The iPhone4 was able to connect and browse. So was it my router? But at least 10 devices are connected there.  So maybe because my router is a TPLink WiFi-N? Most probably.

After scouring the web for answer,  I tried one of the solutions recommended which is to clear Safari browser cache and history and then reboot. After about a minute after rebooting,  the iPhone4 managed to connect to the router!

But is the clear cache he solution? We certainly don’t know. Some users are reporting to continue having the same issue. But at least for me,  this problembis fixed.


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