Galaxy Note II Singapore Deals

So, Samsung Galaxy Note II finally arrived here in Singapore and surprisingly, people lined up in M1 and StarHub shops yesterday to get one reminiscing the usual queue for the fruit company’s products. But is it worth it? It’s a whole different category with a humongous 5.5in of screen size. If you ask me, I’d say yes! The new iteration of Samsung’s Galaxy Phablet is as solid as it can get. Helped by Android’s buttery smooth Jelly Bean build, it is surprisingly responsive and the noticeable lag I saw in the first version is now gone.

Samsung Galaxy Note II in Singapore

Should I buy the unit or get a new line?

Buy Unit or Get it with a New Line?

The next question to ask is whether if it is worth to buy the unit or to get it with a line. Here’s the deal. You’ll get the phone for $298 if you sign/renew a 24-months $58/month contract or you can pay $998 for the unit.

If you are signing up for a new line, I think the best choice is to get it with a line. But if you already have an existing line and you feel that a new line is just a waste, then you have to calculate a bit.

If You Need a New Line/Recontract

24months contract : $58×24=$1392
Unit Top-Up : $298
Total Outlay for 24 months : $1690

If you look at it, it seems like you saved $700 over two years. Yes, that’s true. However, you don’t actually need to get the $58 plan because the $38 is more than enough for any average and even heavy users. That means you are actually only saving $220. The telcos don’t tell this to us but that’s what they really pay for the subsidy.

For me, the actual cost of ownership here is computed by the plan you sign-up ($58) minus the plan you really need ($38/month) + the top-up. That translates to $778. That’s well below the unit price — IF YOU NEED THE LINE.

Zero-Percent Instalment

The price of the new unit is $998. If you pay for it in 12 months instalment, if will cost you $83 per month. However, take note that in the previous option, we have to pay $298 up front. If we apply the same in this option, we will only be paying $700 in zero-percent instalment. That translate to $58 per month for 12 months.
For this option, the total cost of ownership is only $998.


So if you are renewing your line or needs a new line (i.e, move to a new telco, upgrade from prepaid, new here in SG), then by all means, sign up for a new line and get this baby.

However, if you already have an existing line and don’t really need a new line, then it appears that you are paying almost $1700 for the unit. The better choice is to pay it via zero-percent instalment.

So right now, I’m trying hard to contain myself from buying the Note II. It’s beautiful. But I’ll decide come Christmas time. šŸ™‚



    1. I know Courts and Harvey Norman offers this with your credit card. I would think you can do the same with Best Denki, too as long as you have sufficient credit limit on your card. The last time I checked, the monthly installment would be $87 per month for 12 months.

  1. Hey Kwatog,
    any Idea on whats the market position now? as its Christmas time and also with time smartphone prices do go down. looking forward for note 2 on 12-month installment

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