Android Insufficient Storage Installation

Lately,  I have been encountering the “Insufficient Storage”  or “Unable to install in default location”  problems on my Samsung Galaxy S2. I still have 800MB free space so it cant’t be possible that a facebook app update will not fit on it.

The solution provided by geeks in xdadeveloper to clean some files in /system/data or /app/data seems to work on most people. However,  it does not work on my side. It actually gave me an idea that maybe – just maybe – Samsung is playing a trick on me so that I’ll be convinced to buy the Galaxy Note II.  I tell you what Samsung,  you don’t have to lift a finger. You had me with your new stylus.


Kidding aside, the solution that worked for me is to clear the cache of the application before updating. My cache,  as it turns out,  is already bug at around 50MB. That solved my problem and my apps are now happily updating.

Now, I know.

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