A Water-Damaged Samsung Galaxy S2

Just before Christmas of 2012, my Samsung Galaxy S2 had a terrible accident.  It went into the washing machine and had a couple of spins. It almost survived but eventually died. I had it repaired and used it as media player(no gsm signal) until it finally stopped working.

What To Do When it Happens
It’s a terrible situation when you see your beloved phone spinning with your dirty laundry and water and soap in the washing machine. I immediately stopped the washing machine when I hears about the loud thuds.

I searched for any large items inside the tub and perplexed when I realized the I’m actually holding my Galaxy S2, fully charged, still on and drenched with soapy water.

I immediately took it out of the tub, removed the cover and battery and let it dry. While waiting, I searched in the internet for similar cases. There are different variations of water damage and I was heartened d to know that in a number of cases, the phone went back to life.

What NOT to Do
Here’s when the terrible thing happened. Because I had a tight case, the water did not seep in into the battery compartment. That’s a very good thing but what happened next is terrible lapse of judgement. I am very aware that the water could have easily went through the earphone jack and damage the motherboard. But for some reason, possibly fueled by belated panic, I reassembled the phone and turned in on after a few hours. It booted, showed my home screen, screen went haywire and then died. It didn’t go back to life until I sent it for repair in Manila.

When they checked, they saw that the Power IC is busted while the power button is corroded. The technician managed to replace the Power IC while the power button was repaired. It went back to life and I was relieved.

Unfortunately, we found out later that the baseband is missing. I haven’t rooted my phone so it can’t be due to corrupted file. I tried to fix it the root way anyway. But alas, it was a hardware problem. Apparently, the GSM radio is also damaged. However, WiFi and Bluetooth are both working.

Had I not been too excited to turn the phone on again, I have a feeling that it would have survived unscathed.

A Glorified Media Player
The baseband problem made my Samsung Galaxy S2 a glorified media player. At least, I was able to use it for a few more weeks. More importantly, I was able to retrieve my files, messages, photos and especially, contacts! I didn’t know, I was not synching my contacts to Google. It was good while it lasts and allowed me to have something to use while I’m thinking on my next action.

The Replacement SmartPhone

For a month,  I was contemplating on getting a Samsung Galaxy Note 2. I also already posted before that I really WANT it. But I really don’t NEED it. So during that time,  I was using my dual-sim MyPhone which I bought in Manila a few years back.
That’s when I realized how valuable that dual-sim phone is. A few days later, I found out that Samsung is going to release a dual-sim version of Note 2. Now it looks like I need that dual-sim Samsung Galaxy Note 2. Unfortunately,  it was destined only for China.
Nevertheless,  the idea of having  a dual-sim phone went on. I almost bought the CherryMobile Flare in Manila if it was only available. That made me look online for other options.

Right now, I’m typing this post on my HDC Galaxy S3 EX otherwise known as Star B92m. It’s cheap and gorgeous and deserves another post.

Where Is My S2 Now

It’s still with me but dead. I’m planning to bring it back again for repair in Manila. It’s a gorgeous phone and the top of the game on its time. Even now, it is still a very capable smartphone. It is so capable that Samsung re-released it as Samsung Galaxy S2 Plus.
I plan to sell my GS2 if and when it goes back to look life. 🙂 I’m currently looking for a cheap motherboard to replace mine.


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