HDC Galaxy S3 EX Review

I posted my review on the Star B92m S3 Clone,  otherwise known as HDC Galaxy S3 EX, on my other blog. The Chinese cloners are definitely raising their KIRF game and that’s very evident with the HDC Galaxy S3 EX. A few years ago when Android was released, my friends and I are saying that it’s just a matter of time before they produce a very capable device that can be used as the main phone. I say they are there now. A little bit more polishing and they can give the mainstream manufacturers a run for their money.


The Real Deal and The KIRF

In my review,  I discussed my experience and observation in the more than a week of using the device as my main phone. I used and still using it everyday and a review is in order.

A Side Note
This blog got suspended because of that post that I accidentally published here(I do the drafting here and posting there). It contains a script that automatically retrieves the current price of the device. At the same time,  that script has an affiliate link. That’s a big No-No here in wordpress.com.
As a result,  my blog got suspended. I reached out to the support(happiness engineers?)  and they reactivated it. Of course,  I removed the he offending post.


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