Zombie Samsung Galaxy S2

The other week,  I shared that my Samsung Galaxy S2 was damaged after it went for a spin on my washing machine. We managed to bring it to life after we replaced the power IC. However, the baseband is missing downgrading the device into a media player. And then finally (after playing Subway Surfer),  it decided it was time to finally rest in peace.

And so I bought my HDC Galaxy S3 EX (Star B92m) resigned to the fact that my beloved GS2 is already dead. I removed its battery and then kept it in my gadget box.  After a few days, hoping for some kind of miracle,  I assembled the phone again,  charge the battery and turned it on again.  Lo and behold,  it worked! 
The yelow triangle greeted me and waited a few more seconds forthe cyanogenmod animation to finish. I am extremely happy by then. But apparently,the surpirise is not finished yet because I noticed the words “No SIM Inserted.  Emergency Call Only”. I said,  “No way! It shouldn’t ask for SIM if it didn’t detect the IMEI.” I immediately inserted my SIM card and lo and behold,  the phone connected to the network!

It can now be called a smartphone again instead of a glorified media player. I can text,  call and surf using 3G. It’s really back to life. However, it won’t be my main phone again. I just can’t take its battery life anymore. Add to that is its relatively lower resolution.

At that time,  it was running jellybean. That’s when I noticed that the backside, near the camera,  is heating up. I mean it is really hot. It got so hot that it died. Something’s still wrong. Probably,  it was the modem driver I installed on the device which might not be compatible with Singapore/StaHub version.

So,  I downloaded the stock ICS ROM from sammobile and installed it via ODIN again. After a quick refresh of the cache (power+volume up+home),  I got a fresh install of ICS 4.0.3 and touchwiz. I setup my account and Android immediately downloaded all my previous apps. Gladly,  the overheating is also gone.

If you see the phone now,  you wouldn’t think that it went on a spin inside the washing machine. It works flawlessly. Screen is still as vivid as before.  Of course,  it still have the bluish overtone that is normal with AMOLED. But that’s not a dealbreaker now. Besides,  it’s just a spare phone now.

I’m thinking of selling it but I still need it when we go to Manila over the CNY holidays. My wife’s iphone5 is using nano SIM which is not widely available. So my GS2 will be put to a good use.

When we come back to Singapore, it would be possible that my wife will use it as her own roaming phone. That is if I am not going to sell it first.


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