Iron Man 3 After Credits

The previous instalments of the immensely successful Iron Man franchise had short clips after the credits finished. So it is not surprising that with Iron Man 3, there’s also one. You read that right, folks. After a long credit, a short clip is shown. YES, there is AFTER CREDITS clip on Iron Man 3.

Spolier Alert
The clip starts with a narration by Tony Stark and then the camera shows him lying on a couch as if having a therapy. And then the camera pans to Dr. Brenner, The Incredible Hulk, who wakes up when the his glasses fell.

Tony Stark notices it and realized that Dr. Brenner dozed off midway to their session. He asked The Hulk what was the last words he heard and Brenner replied ‘on the 11th floor’. Tony then says that Brenner practically missed the whole thing.

At that point, Brenner explains that he is not that (psychologist) type of doctor. And then Tony Stark continues to mumble words. That’s when all the lights in the cinema will brighten and the moviescreen turns off.


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