HDC Galaxy S3 EX Field Review

It’s almost 5 months already since I bought my HDC Galaxy S3 EX and it has been my primary phone from the day I receive it and will continue to be my only smartphone until I get my voucher. I guess I owe some od the readers my experience with it.  The HDC Galaxy S4 already went out with quad core to boot so I guess my experience can be used as a gauge in case you are planning to buy the latest KIRF.

The Positive
Let’s start with my positive experience and I can summarize it in a few words – it’s more than worth the prize. You see,  I’m expecting this to last for three months. It’s almost half a year already and this thing is still working fine. I haven’t encounter any terrible problem with it. The battery still lasts at least 10hrs, depending on my usage. And I’m a heavy user. To put that in perspective, I use 1GB of 3Gdata in 5 days. Considering that I’m on WiFi both at home and in the office, that’s really big for just browsing. Chrome, FB, G+ and FlipBoard are biggest data gobbler.

The screen is still crisp as when I received the unit. It fell a number of times and though it disintegrated to into several pieces, it still worked flawlessly after I reassemble it. The screen protector is pretty banged up but it served it purpose specially for a person who always make the mistake of putting phone and the keys on the same pocket.

The phone’s dual-SIM capability is also doing wonders and saving me money. You see, I have only 2GB free data on my plan. I can blow that limit in a matter of days. Now, I’m using my for mobile broadband dongle’s SIM card for my data. My mobile SIM is on the other slot. I’m doing that because my broadband plan is unlimited (and FREE on my StarHub MaxOnline Express Plan). Before I did that, I’m charged $30 every month for my overage charges.

The Not So Pleasant
The first problem I have with this phone os the GPS. I never had the time to solve it and I’m not exactly keen on allowing the fastcardtech guys to connect remotely on my PC just to solve it. So up to now, GPS is still a bust.
Another problem is the WiFi signal. It’s kinda weak and drops all the time if I’m in my room. I guess it’s a driver problem because it can connect to yhe router just fine but cannot hold on to it if there several barriers(concrete walls, wooden doors) in the signal. It’s not something that makes my WiFi unsuable but more like an annoying thing but I can live with it.
The third is the software – still stuck at Ice Cream Sandwich. Though I’m planning to apply a new ROM later(there’s CM10 already available in xdadevelopers), I still don’t have time to start on it. But at least, this can be remedied easily.
The fourth and last one is LTE. It’s not available on this phone although my plan has it. But actually, HTC One don’t have LTE, too. It’s a small inconvenience given that my service provider has upgraded their network and covers more. That upgrade is also part of the reason my data is ober the roof. Having an always available neywork means more data yo download, more data to pay for.

But despite the flaws, I’m stocking the o is phone. Actually,  some of my Siebel Consultant friends here in Singapore are contemplating on buying one. They’ve seen my phone for the last 5 months and they also agree that it’s all worth it.


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