Monster University After Credits

I’ll try to make it short and sweet.  TLDR?  Okay,  there is.  I’ll say it clear. There is an after credit scene in Monsters University. But is a very short one. Short as it may,  it is still hilarious.

Well,  I knew that there’s a short clip after the credits because Lido theater does not turn on the big lights if there is still a clip to show after the credits.  Same thing happened in this movie. So,  we waited. There’s probably six to eight people who patiently waited. And just as expected, the last scene!

Remember thr first day Mike went to Monster University? A lot of things happened that day. But there’s this one scene wherein the bell rang and all students went  their respective classes. And maybe,  you noticed the snail? Yeah,  that slow monster who is super excited to attend his first day in class.

Well,  guess what! He finally arrived at his room. Unfortunately,  the only person in the room is the janitor cleaning the floor. The snail monster greeted the classroom anyway with full enthusiasm. And then finally,  the janitor gave him the saddest news ever.

The janitor told the snail that the class has ended and even worse,  the schoolyear is already finished. He was told to come back the next school year.


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