Real Racing 3 on Android

Gotta love EA’s Real Racing 3 with its beautiful graphics,  realistic looking cars and excellent racetracks. The physics engine on this game is also top notch,  too. On top of it all,  it runs smoothly on my HDC Galaxy S3 EX (Star b92m).  I just enjoy the his game very much and all is supposedly well.

Well,  not quite. 

You see,  I play games mostly to kill time like while waiting for train or bus. I also play games during the commute itself and during flight and while waiting for boarding.  In short,  I’m what they call a social gamer. I’m definitely not a hardcore gamer and that also means I’m play games outside home or office. And that also mean I’m always on cellular data connection (3G/H+).

But why does that matter,  you ask?

Well,  Real Racing 3 has a habit of downloading between 600-700MB of data every time I try to play it. It exits the game if you choose not to update. And when you’re on 3G, downloading 600MB of data isn’t a piece of cake. Not to mention it will decimate your data cap in no time.


I only have 2GB of data cap and even without Real Racing, I always hit the cap before the billing cycle ends. Yes,  I’m a power user.  Thanks to flipboard, g+, fb and instagram for that. So most of the time,  I end up not playing at all.

For now,  I open the app every time I arrive home or during lunchtime when I’m connected to WiFi. The app will then update itself by downloading the humongous update files That’s the only workaround now.

It would have been better if I can still play the game without updating and only force me when the WiFi is connected.

The only other workaround is to play another game. I might actually do to that.


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