Link POSB Saving Account to Adsense

Google Adsense recently rolled out direct deposit(credit) to account for Singapore-based publishers. It meant that we need to setup our bank account details in the Payment Settings in order for us to receive the payment(which by the way, now require us at least two months to hit the threshold due to low traffic).

I totally forgot what the codes are and then I realized I did the same thing when setting up PayPal and I blogged about it.

Here’s the takeaway
Bank Name : Post Office Savings Bank
Institution Code : 7171
Branch Code : 081
Account No : [your 9 digit account number without the dashes]

If you enter your details properly, expect a small deposit amount from Google. You have to take note of the amount and enter it in the payment profile verification.

Here’s the link of my original post.


  1. Hi there, any idea how long the small deposit amount takes to reach your POSB account? I did it on Thursday night but have yet to receive it yet.

  2. Hello, I need help on my Google Adsense. My current email was approved Long time ago using a website (which was deleted years ago) and I forgot about deleting the code from the deleted website =_= and now my current email cannot even log in Adsense 😦 I tried search for resolution but cannot find any. Any idea how can I retrieve it?

  3. Hi bro, i have an AdSense account but I created my account from 7 kaki bukit but I need to apply my posb bank account into payment method but the requirement is sort code. But I found sort code is 081 but they didn’t approve my account. Why… ?please let me know.

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