Mary Ann Van Der Horst on X-Factor Australia

Just like Ronan Keating, I was awestruck by the talent of Mary Ann Van Der Horst. She’s a Filipina working in Australia as an aged-care staff. She’s married to Australian (I assume).

Here’s her audition video.

I watched some her videos in her YouTube channel. She surely needs some practice based on her self-posted videos but she definitely has the potential. I’m not good in singing or in music in general but I can appreciate good music. She sang that Halo song by Beyonce as if it was her own song. She owned it. But having said that, it’s not overly spectacular. There are points when her voice is a bit off. But then gain, she had me in her first line. And she has a very interesting, funny and easy-going personality, too.

Also based on her videos, she seems to be a veteran of singing contests. I haven’t seen her in any of the many singing competitions in Philippine televisions. Not sure why she did not join or maybe she wasn’t lucky to get to the national TV. Heck, she sings better than some of the contestants I saw before.

What she has is raw talent. I hope x-factor will give her a good coach who will hone her talents better.

One comment

  1. I think I know her. I saw her before in a girl band group called “AG’s Platinum Band”, the sister band of Aegis. The way she sings, her voice and her moves are the same as her. I used to follow this band before because they are cool. It was way back 2006 or 2007. And I could tell it is her.

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