Android Apps

Google+ on Android Battery Drain

Lately,  the battery of my Samsung Galaxy S2 is draining like there’s no tomorrow. Strange to think that I’m on WiFi most of the time. The brief time that I’m not on WiFi is only when I’m travelling to the office and back home. So it isn’t right.


Android Insufficient Storage Installation

Lately,  I have been encountering the “Insufficient Storage”  or “Unable to install in default location”  problems on my Samsung Galaxy S2. I still have 800MB free space so it cant’t be possible that a facebook app update will not fit on it.

Android Ice Cream Sandwich on HP Touchpad

My brother sent me his TouchPad because it is already gathering dust on their home. He thought I might be interested and of course, I gladly accepted it. It’s still sporting webOS when I received it and judging from the several days I used it, I can understand why they no longer use this otherwise amazing tablet. There’s just too few apps available and the apps I’ve been accustomed to are missing.

Modern Combat 2: How to Kill Nikitich

I already said in my previous post that Modern Combat 2:Black Pegasus is probably the best first-person-shooter game available for mobile devices. Testament to that is the fact that I’m hooked into it. I, who is not really a gamer. How much more for people who grew up with “nintendo thumbs”?

Money App Free Download on Samsung App

If you need a real good expense and income tracker and you happen to be holding a Samsung Android mobile phone, you’re in luck because Money is now available gratis at the Samsung App Store. I already downloaded it and now working fine on my Samsung Galaxy S2. This app originally costs $6 to download and is now being given FREE for a limited period of time.

Before this, I was using Expense Note. That was a great FREE app for expense tracking but the interface is.not that great. Money works a lot the same as Expense Notes but with better navigation, easier setup, multi-layer categories and better icon. hehe. Yeah, that last one really mattered.

So, grab it now while you can.