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Modern Combat 2: How to Kill Nikitich

I already said in my previous post that Modern Combat 2:Black Pegasus is probably the best first-person-shooter game available for mobile devices. Testament to that is the fact that I’m hooked into it. I, who is not really a gamer. How much more for people who grew up with “nintendo thumbs”?

How To Kill Orochi of Samurai II

The last chapter/stage of Samurai II: Vengeance is quite challenging. The final boss, Orochi, is incredibly difficult to kill. It took lots and lots of tries before I finally defeated the monster. There’s a lot of trial and error and volleys and volleys of archers to kill. But in the end, Orochi is finally down. But how, you ask? I’m listing down the things that I think allowed me to ultimately bring down Orochi.

Tiny Robots Final Boss

I already said that I abandoned Tiny Robots mostly due to the feeling like the bosses fights are not supposed to be finished unless you buy some stuffs in the game store. Apparently, RunnerGames, Tiny Robot’s developer heard the gripes of the players and decided to add upgrades and power-ups to entice the players into coming back and make the bosses beatable, albeit still hard. Maybe they decided to do that because they realized (or was informed) that most players are stucked on the first boss level and that the level is so hard and frustrating. So back then, most players will just abandon the game due to frustration.

Modern Combat 2 for Samsung Galaxy SII (Update: FREE)

UPDATE: Game is now free for download at thw Samsung App Store. Hurry up if you haven’t downloaded it yet.

Modern combat 2: Black Pegasus is a first person shooter with amazing graphics reminiscent of an existing console title with similar name. It’s graphics is stunningly beautiful and is probably the best first-person shooter yet available for Android phones. The controls are responsive and the environments (desert towns, jungles, snowy wastes, oil rigs, etc) are very well designed. On top of that, this game allows online multi-player mode to add to the excitement.


Samsung Galaxy SII Free Apps Download

Samsung is feeling Santa today. They are giving away free apps and games in their Apps store. The official list is listed below.

  • Air Penguin
  • Air Attack HD
  • Artillery Brigade
  • Bang Bang Racing
  • Bubble Fish
  • European War
  • Flip Flip Flip
  • Grow
  • Guru Planet
  • Paladog
  • Riptide GP HD
  • Roboto
  • Samurai II
  • Sprinkle
  • Trial Xtreme
  • Zixxby


GT Racing Motor Academy on Android

I’m a big fan of car racing games so much that it’s one of the only few games I play in TimeZone. So I was pleasantly surprised when Gameloft released GT Racing – Motor Academy (FREE) on Android Marketplace. It’s by far my favorite game. I know there are competing games released by other outfit but this game is the one that gives a relatively realistic race simulation game.


Tiny Robots on Android

I downloaded the galaga-style game named TinyRobots last week. Just like its 8-bit counterpart, this game is addicting. That’s specially true for people like me who grew up playing Galaga on Nintendo. Tiny Robots has good quality graphics and plays well on my Samsung Galaxy S2Tiny Robots Welcome Screen.

Basically in this game, you’re controlling a Wall-E-like robot that shoots the enemies flying above and planning to take your three sphere-shaped radioactive device. The objective is to protect the devices which means killing all all the aliens of all sizes and shapes.

How To Play

To control your robot, you only need to tilt your phone from left to right ans vice versa. You can also tap-and-hold the screen to charge your laser and shoot a more powerful laser.It’s pretty dang easy but it’s actually challenging that it sounds.

Here’s some screenshots of the game.


For the past few days, I’ve been stuck at the Boss stage of Level 1. I managed to destroy the two hands of the robot and plenty laser beams hit the aliens. However, the boss refuses to die. It kept on releasing the slow bullets that it became almost impossible to avoid. As is the usual case, my ‘life’ is still full at the start of the stage and then hit several times and so all remaining lives are lost without killing the “boss”.

I have since moved to another game.

Taps for SM Residences.