Android Ice Cream Sandwich on HP Touchpad

My brother sent me his TouchPad because it is already gathering dust on their home. He thought I might be interested and of course, I gladly accepted it. It’s still sporting webOS when I received it and judging from the several days I used it, I can understand why they no longer use this otherwise amazing tablet. There’s just too few apps available and the apps I’ve been accustomed to are missing.

iPad 2012 on StarHub Mar 16

That almost cryptic title says it all. Additional details:
Monthly Subscription : $41.30
Bundled Data : 10GB
Download Speed : 21mbps
One Time Charge : $37.45
16GB WiFi+3G/4G : $399
32GB WiFi+3G/4G : $499

For more information, go to

In the StarHub Website, it was stated as 4G but there’s no telco here with LTE. The most we can get is a HSPA+ connection. Either way, prepare your wallets for yet another magical product from the house of Steve… errr… Tim Cook.