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Mary Ann Van Der Horst on X-Factor Australia

Just like Ronan Keating, I was awestruck by the talent of Mary Ann Van Der Horst. She’s a Filipina working in Australia as an aged-care staff. She’s married to Australian (I assume).


Link POSB Saving Account to Adsense

Google Adsense recently rolled out direct deposit(credit) to account for Singapore-based publishers. It meant that we need to setup our bank account details in the Payment Settings in order for us to receive the payment(which by the way, now require us at least two months to hit the threshold due to low traffic).

HDC Galaxy S3 EX Field Review

It’s almost 5 months already since I bought my HDC Galaxy S3 EX and it has been my primary phone from the day I receive it and will continue to be my only smartphone until I get my voucher. I guess I owe some od the readers my experience with it.  The HDC Galaxy S4 already went out with quad core to boot so I guess my experience can be used as a gauge in case you are planning to buy the latest KIRF.