Pacquiao vs Marquez IV on StarHub

Manny’s fight is already this coming Sunday and yet there’s no announcement from StarHub whether they will carry it or not. Apparently,  they will. To be clear,  YES,  it seems like StarHub will broadcast the fourth installment of Pacquaio-Marquez fight for Sports Group customers. That is based on the program catalog guide. Press the info button on your settop box remote to see.

VISA Outage in Singapore?

I was trying to pay my grocery at ColdStorage last night by VISA but the processsing took longer than usual. It eventually failed and so I paid via NETS. Later that evening, I tried to pay by VISA again in Sheng Shiong and the transaction failed again. Just the same, I paid via NETS. That was strange because I don’t have outstanding balance on that card. It can’t be chip problem because I use the PayWave in Sheng Shiong.

What’s in the Name

What’s the meaning of Kwatog? Is it my real name? Of course, it is not my real name, it’s not even my nickname. It’s how I characterise myself.

Kwatog is a name of a boy in an early 80s show in the Philippines.  I think it had a good following that whenever we looked dirty when we were still young, the oldies call us kwatog. Or they say, “you look like kwatog”. It was the time when in our province, there’s only a few households have television. So I associated kwatog to a boy from the province, a vagabond, a strong-willed boy trying to live life no matter how hard it is.

This blog will chronicle my journey in life. This will be a story of a man who was once a boy no better than the kid in the soap opera. A boy who dreamed, strived, succeeded, lost it all and now trying to rise up. With God’s help, I know everything will go back into place.

Rise from Innocence

This is my first post on this blog. I hope I can keep posting here.

If given a chance, I would buy the domain but I found out that it’s already taken. When I searched in the internet for the name kwatog, I found out that there’s a lot of people using the name kwatog already. There’s even a profile on friendster named kwatog.