HDC Galaxy S3 EX Field Review

It’s almost 5 months already since I bought my HDC Galaxy S3 EX and it has been my primary phone from the day I receive it and will continue to be my only smartphone until I get my voucher. I guess I owe some od the readers my experience with it.  The HDC Galaxy S4 already went out with quad core to boot so I guess my experience can be used as a gauge in case you are planning to buy the latest KIRF.


Zombie Samsung Galaxy S2

The other week,  I shared that my Samsung Galaxy S2 was damaged after it went for a spin on my washing machine. We managed to bring it to life after we replaced the power IC. However, the baseband is missing downgrading the device into a media player. And then finally (after playing Subway Surfer),  it decided it was time to finally rest in peace.

HDC Galaxy S3 EX Review

I posted my review on the Star B92m S3 Clone,  otherwise known as HDC Galaxy S3 EX, on my other blog. The Chinese cloners are definitely raising their KIRF game and that’s very evident with the HDC Galaxy S3 EX. A few years ago when Android was released, my friends and I are saying that it’s just a matter of time before they produce a very capable device that can be used as the main phone. I say they are there now. A little bit more polishing and they can give the mainstream manufacturers a run for their money.

Hairline Scratch on my Samsung Galaxy S2

After more than a year of using my current SGS2,  it’s GorillaGlass finally showed a scratch. It’s been on ‘commando mode’  (no screen protector) since last year. It went into my pocket numerous time with my keys but it never had a scratch. That’s until I put it in a paperbag which I forgot also contains my set of keys and some other stuffs. Upon checking, there’s the scratch.

Samsung Galaxy S2 Jelly Bean Update

I’ve first heared about the Jelly Bean update for Samsung Galaxy S2 in August.  Back then,  rumors say the release is imminent. A month after,  a report in CNET was published intimating that the update would come in as little as two weeks or early October. Guess what,  October is ending amd no Jelly Bean update on sight.