Man of Steel After Credits

I say this early. Don’t waste your time waiting for the credits finish to see whether there’s an after-credit scene or none. There is NONE! I actually expected there could be more. However, the last scene is basically a preview of what’s to expect in the next movie. Incidentally, that scene is usually reserved for the after credits. So yeah, no more waiting here.

HDC Galaxy S3 EX Field Review

It’s almost 5 months already since I bought my HDC Galaxy S3 EX and it has been my primary phone from the day I receive it and will continue to be my only smartphone until I get my voucher. I guess I owe some od the readers my experience with it.  The HDC Galaxy S4 already went out with quad core to boot so I guess my experience can be used as a gauge in case you are planning to buy the latest KIRF.

HTC One V in Singapore

Singapore carriers released HTC One X and One V the other week. The former, as we know it, is the current flagship phone for the Taiwanese phone manufacturer. One X is also one of the most anticipated phones in the market with its impressive specs including the Tegra-3 under its hood. Not to mention, it’s also sporting the latest Android Ice Cream Sandwich. But since its specs is at the top of the heap, its price is also high up there with the other top of the line phones from other manufacturers, including Apple.