Android Ice Cream Sandwich on HP Touchpad

My brother sent me his TouchPad because it is already gathering dust on their home. He thought I might be interested and of course, I gladly accepted it. It’s still sporting webOS when I received it and judging from the several days I used it, I can understand why they no longer use this otherwise amazing tablet. There’s just too few apps available and the apps I’ve been accustomed to are missing.

Samsung Galaxy S2 Android Screen Capture

This morning, there were some photos on my gallery that I did not capture or download. I checked it out and realized it’s a screenshot of my display. I know I can only do this on Android if I connect the phone to my PC. So how did it get there? I’m sure it’s a screen capture of my phone because of the background and the way the widgets are positioned.


Missing Games on Words With Friends Android

The missing games in Words With Friends for Android is already annoying. You’re so focused in a game and then the next thing you know, your game is missing in the list. They say you just have to restart the game or restart your phone. I tried that several times to no avail.

Just now, I’ve seen the post at zingawithfriends saying that you need to reinstall the game because there really are some issues with the game on Android. It is about the synching issue and unfortunately, you need to reinstall the game to refresh everything. But actually, I tried the solutions below and somehow both worked.

  1. Clear The Cache
  2. – Go to the Settings–>Applications–>Words Free–>Clear Cache. You’ll have to re-enter your email address once you restart the game.

  3. Uninstall – Reinstall
  4. – Just like in clearing the cache but this time, you need to tap on Uninstall button. You’ll then need to go to the marketplace to reinstall the game.