How To Change iPhone5 Battery

Wifey’s iPhone5 decided to remind us that it is time to prepare for the new version about to be released in a few months. It did that by increasing the size of its battery by 50‰. Not the capacity though, but the physical size. Since the components inside every modern cellphone are too packed together, something has to give way. Unfortunately it is the screen that blinked first. It still managed to hold for a few days giving me enough time to replace the battery. Replacement on takes a few minutes but its delivery from half way around the world took a few days.


Google+ on Android Battery Drain

Lately,  the battery of my Samsung Galaxy S2 is draining like there’s no tomorrow. Strange to think that I’m on WiFi most of the time. The brief time that I’m not on WiFi is only when I’m travelling to the office and back home. So it isn’t right.