galaxy s2

A Water-Damaged Samsung Galaxy S2

Just before Christmas of 2012, my Samsung Galaxy S2 had a terrible accident.  It went into the washing machine and had a couple of spins. It almost survived but eventually died. I had it repaired and used it as media player(no gsm signal) until it finally stopped working.


Samsung Galaxy S2 Jelly Bean Update

I’ve first heared about the Jelly Bean update for Samsung Galaxy S2 in August.  Back then,  rumors say the release is imminent. A month after,  a report in CNET was published intimating that the update would come in as little as two weeks or early October. Guess what,  October is ending amd no Jelly Bean update on sight.

Samsung Galaxy S2 Android Screen Capture

This morning, there were some photos on my gallery that I did not capture or download. I checked it out and realized it’s a screenshot of my display. I know I can only do this on Android if I connect the phone to my PC. So how did it get there? I’m sure it’s a screen capture of my phone because of the background and the way the widgets are positioned.