hp touchpad

Android Ice Cream Sandwich on HP Touchpad

My brother sent me his TouchPad because it is already gathering dust on their home. He thought I might be interested and of course, I gladly accepted it. It’s still sporting webOS when I received it and judging from the several days I used it, I can understand why they no longer use this otherwise amazing tablet. There’s just too few apps available and the apps I’ve been accustomed to are missing.

HP TouchPad Order Cancellation at Barnes and Noble

At around 1300h (gmt+8), I was able to place an order for a 16gb version of the HP TouchPad. I used Paypal for payment and delivery address is on my brother’s place in Maryland. I messaged my brother about it though I know he is still asleep. He immediately ordered 4 and another one a bit later when he read my message. That’s six touchpads for the family.  All is well, right? Right, except it is not.

A few hours after I placed my order, several people at engadget are complaining that their orders got cancelled. A few more are experiencing the same at hardwarezone(sg). I said maybe they were not lucky or they are already late. Some of them placed an order at least 30min after I placed mine.

I was monitoring my order until 2330h and it’s still “in progress”. My brother told me that he got a notification on his b&n account that his order “cannot be processed”. We took that as a cancellation though there’s no explicit notice. Again, my order ia still on that time.

When I woke up this morning, I immediately checked my order(18 hours after placing it) and the status is still “in progress”. When I checked my mail, there’s one from barnes and noble. It states that my order weren’t processed due to the deluge of orders. There’s more blah-blah but the bottom line is my order is also cancelled.

I think that’s where my quest for getting a $99 HP touchpad ends.