Hairline Scratch on my Samsung Galaxy S2

After more than a year of using my current SGS2,  it’s GorillaGlass finally showed a scratch. It’s been on ‘commando mode’  (no screen protector) since last year. It went into my pocket numerous time with my keys but it never had a scratch. That’s until I put it in a paperbag which I forgot also contains my set of keys and some other stuffs. Upon checking, there’s the scratch.

Disabling VLingo Voice Command on Samsung Galaxy S II

Most of the times, you need to dig deep into the google search results to find what you’re looking for. And in the case of disabling VLingo Voice Command on Samsung Galaxy SII, Google found a post about it in androidforums. The procedure is too damn simple anyone could have simply ignored it. Luckily, there are helpful souls who shares what they find out to free us from the chainballs of VLingo without rooting your beloved device.